Acid Proof Cement

We are one of the leading manufacture, supplier and exporter of Acid Proof Cement which is generally used for the bedding of Acid Proof Bricks or tiles. As normal cement does not have resistant to acids they can tolerate weak acid but that does not work for chemical industries or any other industries. So Acid Proof Cement We Supply is made up of high quality lime and have unique features like high working performance and high resistant used in various industries. We use high quality raw materials which are tested to ensure the best quality output to get maximum customer satisfaction. Our Acid Proof Cement is highly demanded n market due to its cost-effective prices.


Features of Acid proof cement

  • Long shelf life
  • Alkaline resistant
  • High quality
  • Dust free
  • quick setting time
  • Resistant to corrosion

Application of Acid proof cement:

  • Dyes
  • Steel plants
  • Automobiles
  • Dyestuff
  • Engineering
  • Fertilizer
  • Steel finishing
  • Metal finishing
  • DM water plants
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Dairies
  • Thermal power plant 
  • Petrochemical 
  • Sulphuric acid plant
  • Hospitals

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