Alkali Proof / Alkali Resistant Bricks

Alkali Proof is a major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Alkali Proof Bricks / Alkali Resistant Bricks, we provide bricks in different sizes and thickness which are made as per the requirement of different industries. Our products are appreciated by customers’ worldwide including domestic as well as international market. These Alkali Proof Bricks/Alkali Resistant Bricks are used to stop corrosion or other reactions in storage vessels, floors, drains, effluent treatment plants and other places where there is high possibility of damages due to alkali presence. These bricks provide uniform strength to withstand the temperature uncertainty; these bricks offer high strength and performance effectiveness. The raw materials used in manufacturing of Alkali Proof Bricks are silica, lime, alumina and magnesia. Using best quality raw materials and used of best techniques to test every product, we are able provide classic products. These products are highly appreciated in the industries where Alkali Resistant Bricks are required, due to its features like – durability, excellent surface finish, high thermal stability, water proof and long lasting shine. Our alkali proof bricks are also suitable for oil manufacturing industries, in places where different kind of solvents are used in chemical and iron and steel industries along with protection against alkalis.



  • Used in walls of chemical plants
  • Dairy, food and beverages industries
  • Plants of Iron and steel
  • Pulp and Paper Industries
  • Petrochemical Plants

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