Alkali Proof Tile Lining

Alkali Proof provides best Alkali Proof Tile Lining, which layers alkali proof material inside surface between Tiles to provide resistance against chemical. The tile lining is fixed where high amount of chemical resistance is required, this is specially necessary in industries like – thermal power station, dyestuff, fertilizers, food, etc. Alkali Proof Tile Lining is mainly done between tiles to provide more protection and increase the life span of the tiles. We being an ISO certified company use modern machineries and skilled workers for making these linings. Materials used in these are properly tested, the material is produced in company itself and is passed through high quality checks. Our manufacturing team works closely, supervising and monitoring every process to ensure high quality and durable output.


Alkali Proof Tile Lining not only provides longer life and durability but also provides maximum security and chemical resistance in the areas where it is required. Alkali Proof’s lining services are considered one of the most effective and accurate in the Industries. Our services are provided in a cost effective price. Our skilled workers, who have years of experience in lining are sent to your premises, so the linings provide superior bonding strength.

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