Alkali Proof Products

Alkali Proof provides Alkali Proof products like – Alkali Proof Tiles, Alkali Proof Bricks, Alkali Resistance Cement, Alkali Resistant Bricks and Alkali Resistant Tiles. We manufacture best quality Alkali Proof products using advance techniques and machineries. We are known in the market for its sturdy nature, heavy weight bearing ability and providing best proofing solutions. These are susceptible to alkali attacks, as we know that alkalis are very damaging to Refractory that can reach either in form of liquids or in gases.

All the products manufactured are then tested according to the industrial specification, so the products can withstand adverse environment, provide protection against corrosive chemical and gases. We provide tiles, bricks and cement to companies where alkali protection is required, even supply and export these products to most of the countries. These products are used where effective chemical resistance is required to maintain productivity and avoid maintenance cost or shutdown. Alkali Proof Tiles, Bricks and Cement are manufactured in a manner that they are sturdy in nature and bear heavy weight. The cements that are manufactured depend on the chemical condition and temperature up to its specified limits. We provide a range of products in different thickness and sizes including bricks, tiles, chemical resistant cement, to provide solutions to your problems.

The services like Alkali Proof Brick Lining and Alkali Proof Tile Lining is provided by Alkali Proof. Lining is required to fill the space between tiles and bricks. Various refractory materials concerned to resist chemical attacks of alkali salts are used in lining process. Alkali Proof Lining in Tiles and Bricks is done using alkali resistant cement. These are used in reaction vessels, RCC tanks, Chimneys, Sulphur Melting Pits, Galvanizing and Pickling Tanks etc.

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